Jaime A. Millán

Job Market Candidate

Department of Economics, UCL

Boston (MA), NEUDC 2013

Department of Economics

University College London

Drayton House

30 Gordon Street

London WC1H 0AX


I’m a PhD Candidate at the Department of Economics at UCL. I work under the supervision of Professor Orazio Attanasio and  Doctor Marcos Vera-Hernandez.

My research is in applied microeconomics, development economics and public policy. My current work focuses in the analysis of the costs of civil war, drug traffic, armed violence and crime. I am also working on understanding the role of expectations in the investment decisions of young men and women.

Drugs, Guns and Early Motherhood in Colombia

Applied microeconomics

Development economics

Public policy

Job Market Paper

Research Interests



Economics of crime, violence and war

Information economics

Health economics