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Stephen Smith is a Professor of Economics at University College London, and Executive Dean of the UCL Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences.

Stephen Smith's current research covers the economics of instrument choice in environmental regulation (evaluation of practical applications of emissions trading; theory of regulation combining tax and direct regulation; instrument choice and waste management), and the economics of European indirect tax policy (VAT treatment of international trade in goods and services; excise tax policy).  Recent papers include:

1.         Environmental Economics

“Assessing the performance of the UK Emissions Trading Scheme”, Environmental and Resource Economics, 37(1), pp 131-158, 2007 (with Joseph Swierzbinski). ISSN 0924-6460. DOI: 10.1007/s10640-007-9108-5

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"Ecotaxes. What have we learned, and how far should we go?" in Stephen Smith, Emmanuel Caicedo and Annabelle Berger, (2003) Ecotaxes: quels enseignements? Les seminaires de l'Iddri, no 8. pp 9-35. Paris: Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales (IDDRI).  Electronic publication, at

"Carbon tax and climate change strategy", in Tim Callan, Aedin Doris and Daniel McCoy (eds) (2003) Budget Perspectives 2004, The Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin. ISBN 0 707002192, pp 22-51.

2.         Economics of Tax Policy

"Optimal Commodity Taxation with Duty-Free Shopping", International Tax and Public Finance. 15(3), pp 274-296, 2008.  DOI: 10.1007/s10797-007-9034-z (with Vidar Christiansen).

“VAT fraud and evasion: What do we know and what can be done?”, National Tax Journal, Vol LIX, No 4, pp 861-887, December 2006. (with Michael Keen)

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The Definitive Regime for VAT: an assessment of the European Commission's Proposals, Institute for Fiscal Studies, July 1997.

"The future of Value Added Tax in the European Union", Economic Policy, Vol 23, 375-420 (with Michael Keen).

3.         Other topics

"A microsimulation model of personal tax and social security benefits in the Czech Republic", (with Fiona Coulter, Christopher Heady, Colin Lawson and Graham Stark) in P B Spahn and M Pearson (eds), Tax Modelling for Economies in Transition, Basingstoke: Macmillan Press, 1998.

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