The club and how to join.




Members of UCL staff who fancy an original work of art to brighten up their office or home are invited to join the UCL Picture Club.  The Club was founded in 1960 by 15 academics:  each provided a loan with which pictures could be purchased, and several members of the Slade donated a work to start the collection.  The Club now owns 146 works of art, ranging from bold abstracts in oils to delicate watercolour landscapes. New pictures, funded by membership subscriptions and revenue from picture sales, are added to the collection on a regular basis. Artists currently represented include Jo Volley, Charlotte Cornish, Barto Dos Santos, Heidi König, Philip Sutton, Peter Daglish, Anthony Gross, Colin Kent, Brendan Neiland, Sir Terry Frost, Paula Rego, and Susan Collins.

Meetings are held once a term.   Members socialize over a glass or two of free wine while choosing their favourites.  A draw then takes place – members' names are selected from envelopes according to a secret method known only to the President but which ensures complete fairness.  At the close of the draw, there are always pictures left so members can choose one or two more pictures.   Pictures are then returned the following term for the next draw.

New members are always welcome.  Staff interested in joining the UCL Picture Club (annual subscription £30) are welcome to attend the next meeting.

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