Applying for studentship funding

Prospective PhD students could consider applying for funding via these competitive schemes (and others). If you think you may be interested, send me a CV and a short summary of the research area you are interested in.

UCL Graduate Research Scholarships - UK and EU or Overseas students
UCL 4-year PhD in Biomedical and Life Sciences - UK citizens or residents
Wellcome Trust 4-year Neuroscience PhD - UK and EU or Overseas
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program - US citizens


Applying for post-doc funding

See Wellcome, MRC, ESRC, Marie Curie (within EU), Marie Curie (from outside EU), etc.





Paid internships over summer (UK undergraduates).

Funding for 2 months of research experience for UK undergraduates over the summer vacation can be applied for via Wellcome, Nuffield, or EPS - send me a CV and a brief email if you are interested.

Other internships

You can also get in touch about internships at other times of year, if you are studying abroad, or from the UK but not a current undergraduate.