1998 BA, Oxford (Philosophy & Psychology).
1999-05 RA, VDU, UCL, with Janette Atkinson & Oliver Braddick.
2006 PhD, UCL (Psychology), with Janette Atkinson & Neil Burgess.
2006-07 Post-doc, Oxford, with Oliver Braddick.
2008-09 Post-doc, CBCD, with Denis Mareschal.

Current projects

2012-15. PhD studentship: human vision, locomotion and navigation. UCL and MEH-IoO NIHR BRC.

2011-14. Understanding the developmental course of retinal dystrophies: from genes to behaviour. Fight For Sight.

2011-14. Economics of perceptual and motor decisions in childhood. ESRC.

2010-16. Development of human spatial cognition.
James S. McDonnell Foundation.

2010-11. Integration of information for 3D shape perception in the developing visual brain. University of London.

2010-13. PhD studentship: new infant vision tests. UCL, Special Trustees of MEH, MEH-IoO NIHR BMRC.

2009-14. Evaluating outcomes of gene replacement therapy for inherited retinal disease. Special Trustees of Moorfields Eye Hospital, MEH-IoO NIHR BRC.

2008-11. PhD studentship: prior knowledge and sensory integration. ESRC (with Denis Mareschal).

Previous projects

2008-11. Learning to combine sense and experience for optimal perceptual judgments.
ESRC (with Denis Mareschal)

2007-08. Young children’s use of visual landmarks: view matching or cognitive mapping?
ESRC (with Janette Atkinson).

2006-07. Perception/action interactions in children's spatial representations. ESRC (with Oliver Braddick).

2006-07. Interactions between landmark and self-motion cues for navigation. John Fell OUP Research Fund (with Oliver Braddick).

Honorary Senior Lecturer, Dept. Visual Neuroscience

Faculty Investigator, Moorfields/IoO NIHR Biomedical Research Centre

email: m.nardini AT

I am interested in visual, spatial and multisensory development. My research is based both at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and at the Psychology Dept at Durham University.

Visual development
Normal and abnormal development of retinal and cortical vision


Multisensory development
How do we learn to combine sensory information sources?


Spatial development
How do we learn to represent spatial locations in memory?


Lab members

Dr Tessa Dekker - Post-doc

Dr Peter Jones - Post-doc

Sarah Kalwarowsky - Research Assistant

Rachel Fahy - Research Assistant

Eliza Burton - PhD student

Sara Garcia - PhD student


Prof Tony Moore, Prof Gary Rubin, Dr Michael Michaelides, Prof Robin Ali (UCL IoO)

Prof Janette Atkinson, Prof Oliver Braddick (Visual Development Unit, UCL / Oxford)

Prof Neil Burgess (UCL ICN)

Prof Denis Mareschal (Birkbeck CBCD)

Prof Martin Sereno (UCL PALS)

Dr Andrew Welchman (Birmingham)


Recent publications (full list)

M Nardini, T Dekker, K Petrini (2014). Crossmodal Integration: A Glimpse into the Development of Sensory Remapping. Current Biology 24(11): R532-R534. [PDF]

K Petrini, A Remark, L Smith, M Nardini (2014). When vision is not an option: children’s integration of auditory and haptic information is suboptimal. Developmental Science. 17(3): 376-387. [PDF]

R Knight, CE Piette, H Page, D Walters, E Marozzi, M Nardini, S Stringer, KJ Jeffery (2014).  Weighted cue integration in the rodent head direction system. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 369: 20120512. 10.1098/rstb.2012.0512

V Sundaram, C Wilde, J Aboshiha, J Cowing, C Han, CS Langlo, R Chana, AE Davidson, JW Bainbridge, RR Ali, A Dubra, G Rubin, AR Webster, AT Moore, M Nardini, J Carroll, M Michaelides (2014). Retinal Structure and Function in Achromatopsia: Implications for Gene Therapy. Ophthalmology 121(1): 234-245. 10.1016/j.ophtha.2013.08.017

M Nardini, K Begus, D Mareschal (2013). Multisensory uncertainty reduction for hand localization in children and adults. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 39, 773-87. [PDF]

M Nardini & D Cowie (2012). The development of multisensory balance, locomotion, orientation and navigation. In Multisensory Development, A Bremner, D Lewkowicz & C Spence (Eds), Oxford University Press. [PDF]

M Nardini, R Bedford, D Mareschal (2010). Fusion of visual cues is not mandatory in children. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 107 (39), 17041-17046. [PDF]

R Thomas, M Nardini, D Mareschal (2010). Interactions between "light-from-above" and convexity priors in visual development. Journal of Vision, 10(8):6. [PDF]

J Bullens, M Nardini, C F Doeller, O Braddick, A Postma, N Burgess. (2010). The role of landmarks and boundaries in the development of spatial memory. Developmental Science 13, 170-180. [PDF]

M Nardini, R Thomas, V Knowland, O, Braddick, J Atkinson (2009). A viewpoint-independent process for spatial reorientation. Cognition, 112, 241-248. [PDF]

M Nardini, P Jones, R Bedford, O Braddick (2008). Development of cue integration in human navigation. Current Biology, 18, 689-693. [PDF]