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Hi, I'm Flavia! In my PhD project, I use behavioural and electrophysiological (EEG) techniques to investigate how emotion and memory interact in young and older adults.I am sponsored by CAPES, through the program Science Without Borders of the Brazilian Government



These are my main publications so far:

Computerized spatial delayed recognition span task: a specific tool to assess visuospatial working memory. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 2015. Satler, Belham, et al.PDF

Age-Related Differences in Cortical Activity during a Visuo-Spatial Working Memory Task with Facial Stimuli. Plos ONE, 2013. Belham et al.PDF

Why do we forget where we leave our keys but not how to ride a bike? Public Engagement article published on the webpage Know it WallPDF



I am a Biologist. My first research project was with working memory of Capuchin Monkeys. During my Masters, I continued working with monkeys but also with older human adults, investigating how emotion affects working memory. Before starting my PhD, I was a Science teacher in a school for one year. Currently, I also work with public engagement and Science exhibitions. Check my full cv here: PDF