Raman Spectroscopy and Diamond Anvil Cell Laboratory
Raman spectroscopy, a vibrational probe, gives us the capability of exploring the structure and dynamics of earth materials at the atomic level.  We have combined this technique with the diamond anvil cell, a transparent pressure vessel that allows us to observe earth materials either visually or by Raman in situ at high pressure and temperature.  This combination allows us to explore such processes as the hydrous melting of igneous rocks and the interaction of silicates and volatiles at magma genetic conditions.
The image shows the laser beam (green 514.5 nm) as it travels from its source through filtering, focusing and collimating optics to the sample area, which lies at the focus of the flexible fiber optic light sources.  The back-scattered, frequency-shifted radiation is then sent to the spectrometer (large rectangular box across top center) and the spectrum is gathered at a liquid Nitrogen cooled CCD detector.