Planets and Moons GS 113
Professor Lars Stixrude

Contact Professor. Lars Stixrude; 3008 C. C. Little; Phone: 647-9071;; Office Hours: Tuesdays 5:00-6:00 p.m., or by appointment. Home Page Graduate Student Instructor. Maodu Yan; 4534F C. C. Little Building; 763-2149; Text Lecture Notes from Professor van Keken Grading 30% Quizzes, 70% Final

Quizzes. These will be unannounced. There will be one per week, each consisting of one or more questions drawn from previous lectures or readings. I will drop your lowest quizz grade. There will be no makeup quizzes.

Final Exam. The final exam will be cumulative, multiple choice, and will be held during the last class meeting.

Attendance. Attendance at lecture is very important.  I will not lecture from the text and you will be responsible for all material covered in class.  Students who miss lectures are responsible for getting the class notes from other students.

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