Astrobiology and Planetary Exploration (APEX) Meeting Programme

All meetings this term will be at 13:00 on Thursdays in the Garwood Lecture Theatre, located on first floor of the UCL South Wing.

30 January       Dr Barry Herschy Alkaline hydrothermal systems and the origins of life
      Victor Sojo From protocells to cells in natural proton gradients
06 February       Dr Sven Buerki Postponed
13 February       Dr Nachiketa Rai       Constraints on core-mantle differentiation in the Moon and Mars from metal-silicate partitioning of siderophile elements
20 February       Jane MacArthur Morocco: Mars analogue field simulation - Austrian Space Forum
      Mikako Matsuura ALMA finds cold molecules and dust in Supernova 1987A
27 February       Amy Edgington The equation of state of liquid iron in the interior of Mercury
      Joel Davis Evidence for past fluvial activity in Melas Chasma, Valles Marineris, Mars
06 March       Dr Dominic Fortes Planetary brine analogues: terrestrial hypersaline lakes of Western Canada
13 March       Prof Sara Russell Chondrules from primitive meteorites: windows into early Solar System processes
20 March       No APEX:     LPSC Meeting in Houston
27 March       Dr Nick Achilleos Sources of pressure in the plasma environment of Titan