Astrobiology and Planetary Exploration (APEX) Meeting Programme

All meetings this term will be at 13:00 on Thursdays in the Garwood Lecture Theatre (First Floor of the UCL South Wing)

25 January       Prof Nick Achilleos (UCL) Magnetic measurements of Saturn by Cassini
01 February       Jacqueline Campbell (MSSL) Searching for organic signatures on the Martian south pole
            Prof Ian Crawford (BBK) Why we should build a Moon Village
08 February       Billy Edwards (UCL) Observing the Solar System with Twinkle
            Dr William Dunn (UCL/MSSL/CfA/ESA) X-ray explorations of planets and moons
15 February       Prof Graziella Branduardi Raymont (MSSL)     SMILE: A novel and global way to explore solar-terrestrial relationships
22 February       Sean Jordan (UCL) The first cell membranes
            Dr Adrian Jones (UCL) Black diamond (carbonardo) and the core of a Neptune?
01 March       Postponed due to weather  
08 March       Postponed due to strike
15 March       Dr William Baines (Cambridge) The Cosmic Zoo: Complex life on many worlds
22 March       Zach Dickeson (BBK/NHM)   Martian oceans: The evidence and issues
            Prof Andrew Coates (MSSL) The ExoMars Mission