Astrobiology and Planetary Exploration (APEX) Meeting Programme

All meetings this term will be at 13:00 on Tuesdays in the Garwood Lecture Theatre, located on first floor of the UCL South Wing.

13 October       Prof. Ian Crawford (BBK) Can lunar resources be used to 'boot-strap' a space-faring civilisation?
20 October       Prof Hilary Downes (BBK) Iron silicides in meteorites
      Dr Nachiketa Rai (BBK/NHM)      Constraints on provenance of materials in the solar nebula
27 October       Dr Izaskun Jimenez Serra (UCL) Pre-biotic chemistry in solar system precursors
      Abigail Calzada-Diaz (BBK) Robotic traverses for a sample return mission within Schrodinger Basin
03 November       Dr Adrian Jones (UCL) Impact processing of planetary crusts: ancient and modern
10 November       Dr Ashley King (NHM) Preparing for asteroid sample return: the story from heated CI and CM chondrites
17 November       Indhu Varatharajan (UCL) Young lunar basalts
24 November       Maggie Lieu (Birmingham)       Can humans really relocate to Mars?
01 December       Huma Irfan (BBK) Spectroscopic insights into potential landing sites at the lunar south pole
      Joel Davis (UCL) Inverted valleys in Arabia Terra, Mars: Remnants of an ancient Noachian valley network
08 December       Mark Yates Apollo artefacts and the story they have to tell