EGL 2020 Workshop on Optimisation and Applied Mathematics

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Update: this workshop will no longer be taking place as advertised due to COVID-19. We hope to run the workshop next year (2021). Thank you for your interest in this workshop and I hope you will support it in the future.

The EGL 2020 workshop is the latest in a series of workshops organized by the University of Essex (Professor Abdel Salhi), the University of Greenwich (Professor Choi-Hong Lai), and University College London (Professor Eric S Fraga). This workshop is usually held at one of these three universities but has also taken place in other universities: Buckingham University in 2019. It is a small workshop for discussions of current research projects with most talks presented by PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

Date: 2020.03. 07:14:11

Author: Professor Eric S Fraga

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