Max Reuter


Biographical sketch

Academic duties


2010 -

2009 - 2010

2006 - 2009

2004 - 2006


1997 - 2003

Reader in Evolutionary Genetics, UCL

Lecturer in Evolutionary Genetics, UCL

NERC Research fellow, UCL

Postdoc with Greg Hurst, Tracey Chapman

and Kevin Fowler, UCL

Postdoc with Pekka Pamilo, University of Oulu

PhD and postdoc with Laurent Keller,

University of Lausanne

Editor, Scientific Reports (2015 - present)

Associate Editor, Evolution (2011-2013)

Co-director, Centre for Ecology and Evolution (2009-2014)

Council member, ESEB (2009-2012)

Member of the NERC peer review college (2010 - present)

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, responsive mode grant "The effects of genetics, mutation and selection on Evolutionary Rescue in complex environments", 2017, 36 months, GBP597,000, PI (Co-Is Jürg Bähler, Dan Jeffares, Doug Speed)

European Commisssion Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship "Linking genotype to phenotype – Role of diet on sex-specific reproduction", Dr Florencia Camus, 2016, 24 months, GBP120,000, Host

Natural Environment Research Council, standard grant "Analysing quantitative trait loci of sexual antagonism in fruitflies", 2009, 36 months, GBP538,000, PI (Co-I Kevin Fowler)

Natural Environment Research Council, Postdoctoral fellowship, 2006-2009, 36 months, GBP294,000

Swiss National Science Foundation, Advanced researcher fellowship, 2006, 30 months, ca. CHF200,000, declined

European Commission, Marie Curie Intra-European fellowship, 2004, 24 months, ca. EUR170,000

Swiss National Science Foundation, Prospective researcher fellowship, 2004, 12 months, ca. CHF40,000

I am an evolutionary geneticist. I use a combination of experimental work in model organisms, theory and bioinformatics to address fundamental questions about phenotypic and genomic evolution and adaptation.