Research Affiliations

Biochemical Engineering, UCL

London Centre for Nanotechnology

EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Emergent Macromolecular Therapies

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Emergent Macromolecular Therapies


Current collaborators

Gabriel Aeppli Paul Scherrer Institute, CH. On analytical instrumentation development.

Robin Curtis and Jim Warwicker, University of Manchester, UK. On formulation and aggregation.

Helen Hailes, Chemistry, UCL. Biocatalysis and synthetic biology.

Paul Matejtschuk, NIBSC, Potters Bar, UK. On Freeze-drying and formulation.

Prof Stephen Perkins, ISMB, UCL. On AUC and SAXS of IgG and Fab solution conformations.

GSK: Mark Uden, Rachana Shah, Mike Molloy (Stevenage, UK). On biopharmaceutical formulation.

UCB Pharma: Mari Spitali, Edith Norrant (Slough, UK). On biopharmaceutical formulation.

Mark Howard (Kent, UK). On NMR of protein formulations.

Mire Zloh (University of Hertfordshire, UK). On molecular dynamics simulation and docking.


Previous collaborators

UCB Pharma: Bryan Smith (Slough, UK)

Andy Russell, Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, USA

Dirk Werling, Royal Veterinary College. Developed novel protein conjugate vaccines for animal diseases.

Steve Burton, Prometic, Cambridge, UK. To develop computational affinity ligand design.