Simone Severini

Professor of Physics of Information

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Department of Computer Science

University College London 


Mail: Gower Street 66-72, WC1E 6EA London, UK



I am currently a member of the following UCL research groups: Intelligent Systems, UCL CS Quantum, UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute, CoMPLEX.

My (2018) projects are Quantum Computing, Information, and Algebras of Operators, Semantic Information Pursuit for Multimodal Data Analysis, Contextuality as a resource in quantum computation, Distributed Information: Theory, Analysis and Applications, Learning and Classical Simulation of Quantum States and Dynamics, Prosperity Partnership in Quantum Software for Modeling and Simulation

My papers are in arXiv (mostly in quant-ph), MathSciNet (mostly discrete maths), PubMed (for papers in computational biology), IRIS (the UCL research portal)

Here is a selection of recent works (Nov18):


Preprints 2018: