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Ofer Lahav

Prof. Ofer Lahav

Perren Chair of Astronomy, Astrophysics Group, University College London

Co-chair of the Science Committee, the Dark Energy Survey

Principal Investigator, Advanced European Research Council Grant TESTDE Project

Postal address: Department of Physics and Astronomy
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom
Telephone:+44 (0)20 35495813
e-mail:o.lahav AT
Office location: 132 Hampstead Road (3rd Floor), London NW1 2PS

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Research Topics

  • Cosmological probes of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  • Large spectroscopic and photometric redshift surveys
  • Neutrino Cosmology
  • Formation and evolution of galaxies
  • Statistical methods

See more about UCL's Cosmology Group and DES:UCL

Collaborative international projects

The Dark Energy Survey

Survey of 300,000,000 galaxies to study the nature of Dark Energy
(co-chair of the international DES Science Committee and chair of DES:UK Board)


Hubble Space Telescope imaging survey of galaxy clusters


The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument


The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope


Space mission - ESA's Cosmic Vision

Reviews & Semi-popular Articles

"Dark Energy: back to Newton?" Calder, L. & Lahav,O., RAS A&G, Feb 2008 issue (revised version)

"Dark Energy: how the paradigm shifted" Calder, L. & Lahav, O., Physics World, Jan 2010 issue

"Dark Energy, paradigm shifts and the role of evidence " Lahav, O. & Massimi, M., RAS A&G June 2014 issue

"Neutrino mass from Cosmology" Lahav, O. & Thomas, S.A., 2011 - Invited Chapter in `Adventures in Cosmology' (ed. D. Goodstein), World Scientific Publishing

"Let there be darkness, let there be light" Lahav, O., Odyssey magazine (in Hebrew), Jan 2010 issue, pg. 38

"The Cosmological Parameters 2014" Lahav, O. & Liddle, A.R., 2014 - Invited review, in "The Review of Particle Physics" (Particle Data Group)

Software Packages

ANNz: Photometric redshifts using Artificial Neural Networks (Collister & Lahav 2004)

ExoFit: Orbital parameters of extra-solar planets from radial velocities using Bayesian MCMC (Balan & Lahav 2008)


UCL Lunch Hour Lecture: Light and Darkness in the Accelerating Universe:

TateShots: Artist Katie Paterson talks to Ofer Lahav about the mysteries of the universe:

Interview to the Economist (February 2012)

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