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Contacts :

  • Email: g.savini (at) (preferred)
  • Tel: +44 (0)20 76797788
  • Office location: G10 - Kathleen Lonsdale Building - Gower Place
  • Postal Address: Dep. of Physics and Astronomy, University College London, London WC1E 6BT, UK
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Background : My work falls mainly in the field of THz and Sub-mm Astronomy Instrumentation (optics).
I am a member of the Optical Science Laboratory (OSL) in the Astrophysics Group within UCL's Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Brief Curriculum Vitae :

  • Laurea (Master) in Physics and PhD in Astronomy, Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza", 2001 & 2005
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Cardiff University, 2004-2008
  • Lecturer, UCL, Physics and Astronomy, 2009-2013
  • Reader, UCL, Physics and Astronomy, 2013-Present

Current Research:

  • Design, modeling and calibration of optical elements for near-, mid- and far- infrared (sub-mm) astronomical instrumentation.
  • Design of next-generation optical components with artificially engineered materials
  • Modelling and build of polarisation modulator elements (Half-Wave Plates)
  • Design/Modelling of future infrared satellite instrument concepts (spectrometry, polarimetry, interferometry, double Fourier Modulation)

Latest Result:

A new artificial material approach for flat THz frequency lenses

Past and Current Projects, Experiments and Collaborations.
FrameWork Programme 7 Collaborative Project: Scientific Definition and Technology Development for the Next Generation THz Space Interferometer

Image Credits: G.Savini

Expected Project Start: January 2013
Project Duration: 3 years

SIGN the White Paper in support of the High-Resolution Far Infrared Mission !

Planck ESA Mission

Image Credits: ESA and the HFI
Herschel Observatory
Image Credits: ESA and the
SPIRE Consortium

Image Credits: BlastPol Collaboration &
D. Wiebe, University of Toronto

Image Credits:

Other Experiments/Collaborations
Other Experiments
Image Credits: G.Savini
(see linked page for individual image credits)

Click on the pictures to be re-directed to the projects in which I am currently involved. (As this website is work in progress I apologize for any broken or yet not active link)
Current Teaching :

2013/2014 - Term 1: 3rd Yr Labs (PHAS3440) (with experiments ranging from Compton Scattering to X-ray Diffraction and spectroscopy, Frustrated Total Internal Reflection, Scanning Tunnelling Microscopes, Measurement of the Zeeman Effect, determining Stefan-Boltzman Law with a thermal camera, Muon Lifetime, and Laser Spectroscopy.

2013/2014 - Term 1: also PST (Problem Solving Tutorials) for 2nd Yr Electromagnetism (PHAS2201).

2012/2013 - Term 2: 2nd Yr IDL Computing for Astronomers (Computing element of PHAS2130)
I get to work around 10 x 3.5 hour sessions to take 2nd yr astro students as deep into computing for the purpose of astronomy data processing as possible, with a number of themes dependent on their project orientation.

Student Projects (Assigned and Available - No links):

  • (assigned) Physics: Design of a Thermal Double-Fourier Modulator.
  • (available) Astro (4th Yr): "Watts in Space" a detailed atlas of how things get heated in space.
  • (assigned) MSc : Optical black holes in the lab.
  • (collab.Surrey Univ.) MSc Physics: Radiation damage on infrared fibers and polymer optics for far infrared instrumentation for space satellites.
  • Current Post-Graduate Students:

  • (3rd Yr) Ms Roser Juanola-Parramon : "An Instrument Simulator for the Far InfraRed Interferometer."
  • (2nd Yr) Mr Paul Moseley : "Modelling techniques for Novel optical components in the sub-THz domain."
  • (1st Yr): Mr Nicola Baccichet : "Next Generation calibration sources for future infrared satellites.
  • Publications:
    You can find all co-authored pubblications (refereed or not) for the last 5 years here (the search unfortunately includes pubblications on graphite from homonymous researcher).

    Main Recent Publications:
    2013: 2012: 2011:

    Astrophysics - Short Term Visitors Programme:

    For my sins I am responsible of the Group A (Astrophysics) Short Term Visitors Grant.
    This provides a limited amount of support to invite collaborators to visit the group for a short period in order to initiate or finalize a collaboration or specific work.

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