Dr. Serge Guillas   

Department of Statistical Science
University College London

My research interests are:

Functional Data Analysis

Functional regression, and spatial functional data. I have been collaborating with Prof. Ming-Jun Lai (U. of Georgia, USA) and Dr. Bree Ettinger (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) on the use of bivariate splines over triangulations to model spatial functional data. See below the fit for ground-level ozone over the USA:

Emulation, calibration, Uncertainty Quantification of complex computer models

For instance:

1. I have been working on uncertainty quantification for tsunami models. A first paper came out.

2. I have been working on uncertainty quantification for earthquake models. A first paper came out.

The Department of Statistical Science and the UCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reduction are leading a NERC consortium on Uncertainty Quantification of Natural Hazards funded over 2012-2016. I am Work Package Leader for “Natural hazard model limitations through comprehensive quantification of uncertainties”.

3. I am working on stratopheric modelling (dynamics, ozone) using the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM). I organised a research effort and a Workshop on Uncertainty Quantification for Climate and Environmental Models.


Time Series and Environmental Statistics

I have been involved in an interdisciplinary effort to assess the long term evolution of stratospheric ozone. See the website of the World Meteorological Organization.

For my CV and publications, see my professional webpage.


STAT1006 - Introduction to Practical Statistics

STAT7001 - Computing for Practical Statistics