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LAST UPDATED: 26/04/2013.

Journal Papers Accepted = 39, Journal Papers Preprint = 20; Conference Papers = 34

  1. [StatJ-A-#] - statistics accepted journal papers
  2. [RiskJ-A-#] - Risk, Insurance and Financial Mathematics accepted journal papers
  3. [EngJ-A-#] - Signal Process Engineering accepted journal papers

Appeared: Statistical Finance and Risk Modelling (Total = 16)


  • [RiskJ-A-16]Peters G.W., Dong, A. and Kohn, R. ``A Copula Based Bayesian Approach for Paid-Incurred Claims Models for Non-Life Insurance Reserving" Insurance: Mathematics and Economics (to appear) [arXiv:1210.3849 ].
  • [RiskJ-A-15] Panayi E., Peters G.W., and Kosmidis I.``Liquidity Commonality does not Imply Liquidity Resilience Commonality: A Functional Characterization for Ultra-High Frequency Cross-Sectional LOB Data." Quantitative Finance, Special Issue on Big Data Analytics [arXiv: ].
  • [RiskJ-A-14] Ames, M, Peters G.W., Bagnarosa G. and Kosmidis I.``Exploring the Multivariate Upside and Downside Tail Exposure Risks of Currency Carry Trades via Tail Dependence."  Innovations in Quantitative Risk Management; Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Volume 99, Editors: Catherine Glau, Rudi Zagst and Matthias Scherer.  [arXiv: 1406.4322].
  • [RiskJ-A-13] Del Moral P., Peters G.W., and Verge Ch. (2014) ``An introduction to particle integration methods: with applications to risk and insurance." (to appear in Josef Dick, Frances Y. Kuo, Gareth W. Peters, and Ian H. Sloan (eds.), Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods 2012, Springer-Verlag.  ) [arXiv: 1210.3851 ]


  • [RiskJ-A-12] Peters G.W., Targino R. and Shevchenko P. ``Understanding Operational Risk Capital Approximations: First and Second Orders."  Governance and Regulation, 2(3) [arXiv: 1303.2910 ]. [Invited Special Issue to coincide with 8th International conference "International Competition in Banking: Theory and Practice", Sumy, Ukraine, 2013.]
  • [RiskJ-A-11]Shevchenko P. andPeters G.W. ``Loss Distributional Approach of Operational Risk Capital Modelling under Basel II: Combining Different Data Sources for Risk Estimation."  Governance and Regulation. 2(3) [arXiv: ]. [Invited Special Issue to coincide with 8th International conference "International Competition in Banking: Theory and Practice", Sumy, Ukraine, 2013.]


  • [RiskJ-A-10]Peters G.W., Briers M., Shevchenko P.V. and Doucet A., (2012) ``Calibration and filtering for multi factor commodity models with seasonality: incorporating panel data from futures contracts." Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 1-34. [arXiv:1105.5850]


  • [RiskJ-A-9]Peters G.W., Shevchenko P., Young M. and Yip W., (2011) ``Analytic Loss Distributional Approach Model for Operational Risk form Alpha-Stable Doubly Stochastic Compound Process and Implications for Capital Allocation". [arXiv:1102.3582] Insurance Mathematics and Economics (to appear).
  • [RiskJ-A-8]Peters G.W., Balikrishnan K., Lasscock B., Mellon M. and Godsill S. (2011) ``Bayesian Cointegrated Vector Autoregression models incorporating alpha-stable noise for inter-day price movements via Approximate Bayesian Computation". to appear Bayesian Analysis. [arXiv:1008.0149v1]
  • [RiskJ-A-7]Peters G.W., Byrnes A.D., Shevchenko P.V. (2011) ``Impact of Insurance for Operational Risk: Is it worthwhile to insure or be insured for severe losses ?". Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 48, 287-303. [arXiv:1010.4406]


  • [RiskJ-A-6]Peters G.W., Balkrishnan K. and Lasscock B. (2010) ``Model selection and Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian Cointegrated VAR Models". Bayesian Analysis,5(3),465-492. [arXiv:1004.3830]
  • [RiskJ-A-5]Peters G.W., Wuethrich M. and Shevchenko P. (2010) ``Chain Ladder Method: Bayesian Bootstrap versus Classical Bootstrap". Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 47(1), 36-51. [arXiv:1004.2548]


  • [RiskJ-A-4]Peters G.W., Shevchenko P. and Wuethrich (2009). ``Dynamic Operational Risk: modelling dependence and combining different sources of information". Journal of Operational Risk, 4(2), 69-104. [arXiv:0904.4074]
  • [RiskJ-A-3]Peters G.W., Shevchenko P. and Wuethrich M. (2009) ``Model Uncertainty in Claims Reserving within Tweedie's Compound Poisson Models". ASTIN Bulletin 39(1), 1-33. [arXiv:0904.1483 ]


  • [RiskJ-A-2]Peters G.W., Johansen A. M. and Doucet A. (2007) ``Simulation of the Annual Loss Distribution in Operational Risk via Panjer Recursions and Volterra Integral Equations for Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall Estimation". Journal of Operational Risk, 2(3).


  • [RiskJ-A-1]Peters G.W. and Sisson S.A. (2006) ``Bayesian Inference, Monte Carlo Sampling and Operational Risk". Journal of Operational Risk, 1(3).

Appeared: Statistical Methodology - MCMC, TDMCMC. SMC and Particle Filtering (Total = 16)


  • [StatJ-A-16] Dean T., Singh S., Jasra A. and Peters G.W. (2014) ``Parameter estimation for Hidden Markov Models with intractable likelihoods". [arXiv:1103.5399] (to appear) Scandinavian Journal of Statistics.
  • [StatJ-A-15] Hossack G.R., Peters G.W., and Ludsin S.A. (2014) ``Interspecific Relationships and Environmentally Driven Catchabilities Estimated from Fisheries Data." Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences'' (to appear)  [arXiv:]


  • [StatJ-A-14] Del Moral P., Jacob P., Lee A., Murray L. and Peters G.W.  (2013), "Feynman-Kac Particle Integration with Geometric Interacting Jumps" Stochastic Analysis and Applications (to appear) [arXiv:1211.7191 ]
  • [StatJ-A-13] Korotsil I., Peters G.W. , and Regan D. (2013) `` Herd immunity effect of HPV vaccination program in Australia under assumption of reduced susceptibility to re-infection following recovery.", Vaccine (to appear) [arXiv: ]
  • [StatJ-A-12 ] Peters G.W., Korotsil I. and Regan D. (2013) "HPV Modelling Goes Bayesian: Inference via Advanced Markov chain Monte Carlo Methods.", Book chapter on Modeling and Calibration of Statistical Models in"Human Papilloma virus: Prevalence, Detection and Management"- Book Publisher (76 pages)- [arXiv: ]
  • [StatJ-A-11] Hayes K., Hossack G.R., Barry S. and Peters G.W.,(2013) ``Severe uncertainty and information-gap theory: A commentary for ecologists and environmental managers", Methods in Ecology and Evolution. (to appear) [arXiv:]


  • [StatJ-A-10] Korotsil I., Peters G.W., Cornebise J. and Regan D. (2012) ``Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo Forward Simulation for Statistical Analysis in Epidemic Modelling of Human Papilloma Virus." (to appear - Statistics in Medicine) [arXiv:1108.3137] .
  • [StatJ-A-9] Hossack G.R., Peters G.W. and Hayes K., (2012) ``Estimating nonlinear ecological state space models with flexible observation error". (to appear - Methods in Ecology and Evolution) [URL ]
  • [StatJ-A-8]Peters G.W., Fan Y. and Sisson S.A. (2012) ``On Sequential Monte Carlo, Partial Rejection Control and Approximate Bayesian Computation" Statistics and Computing, Volume 22, Issue 6, page 1209-1222. [arXiv:0808.3466v2].
  • [StatJ-A-7] Burgman M., Franklin J., Hayes, K., Hossack G.R., Peters G.W. and Sisson S.A., (2012) ``Modelling extreme risks in Ecology" Risk Analysis (To appear). [arXiv:0912.4729]


  • [StatJ-A-6]Peters G.W., Sisson S.A. and Fan Y. (2010) ``Likelihood-free Bayesian inference for $\alpha$-stable models". Computational Statistics and Data Anlaysis, 38 pages. [arXiv:0912.4729]
  • [StatJ-A-5] Cornebise J. and Peters G.W. (2010) ``Comments on 'Particle Markov Chain Monte Carlo'". Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B - comments on read paper, 72(3),269-342. [arXiv:0911.3866] (First discussion of SMC-ABC)
  • [StatJ-A-4] Bornn L., Cornebise J. and Peters G.W. (2010) ``Discussion of 'Riemann manifold Langevin and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo methods' '' by M. Girolami and B. Calderhead. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B - comments on read paper. [arXiv:1011.0057]
  • [StatJ-A-3]Peters G.W. and Cornebise J. (2010) ``Comments on 'Particle Markov Chain Monte Carlo'". Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B - comments on read paper, 72(3),269?342. [arXiv:0911.3866]


  • [StatJ-A-2] Fan Y., Peters G.W. and Sisson S.A (2009) ``Automating and Evaluating Reversible Jump MCMC Proposal Distributions". Statistics and Computing, 19, 401-429.


  • [StatJ-A-1] Pierre Del Moral, Arnaud Doucet, Gareth Peters. "Sharp Propagation of Chaos Estimates for Feynman-Kac Particle Models." Teoriya Veroyatnosteri i ee Primeneniya (to be reprinted in SIAM Theory of Probability and Its Applications), vol. 51, no. 3, (2006)

Appeared: Signal Processing, Communications and Sensor Networks  (Total = 9)

  • [EngJ-A-9] Nevat I., Peters G.W., Doucet A. and Yuan J. "Joint Channel and Frequency Offset Estimation in Dynamic Cooperative Relay Networks." IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (to appear).
  • [EngJ-A-8] Yan S., Malaney R., Nevat I. and Peters G.W., (2014) "An Information Theoretic Location Verification Systems for Wireless Networks". IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (VTC), (to appear). [asXiv:1211.0737 ]
  • [EngJ-A-7] Nevat I., Peters G.W.,  and Collings I. (2014) ``Distributed Detection in Sensor Networks over Fading Channels with Multiple Antennas at the Fusion Center". IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, (to appear). [arXiv:]
  • [EngJ-A-6] Nevat I., Peters G.W. and I.B. Collings (2014), "Random Field Reconstruction with Quantization in Wireless Sensor Networks" IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (to appear) .


  • [EngJ-A-5]Peters G.W., Nevat I., Yuan J. and Collings I. (2012), ``System Identification in Wireless Relay Networks via Gaussian Process".  IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, VOL. 61, NO. 9.


  • [EngJ-A-4]Peters G.W., Nevat I., Sisson S.A., Fan Y. and Yuan J. (2010) ``Bayesian Symbol Detection in Wireless Relay Networks via Likelihood Free Inference". IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 58, 5206-5218. [arXiv:1007.4603]
  • [EngJ-A-3] Nevat I., Peters G.W. and Yuan J. (2010). ``Detection of Gaussian Constellations in MIMO Systems Under Imperfect CSI". IEEE Transactions of Communications,58(4),1151-1160.


  • [EngJ-A-2]Peters G.W., Nevat I. and Yuan J. (2009). ``Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems with Unknown Power Delay Profile using Trans-dimensional MCMC". IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 57(9), 3545-3561.


  • [EngJ-A-1] Nevat I., Peters G.W. and Yuan J. (2008) ``A Low Complexity MAP Estimation in Linear Models with a Random Gaussian Mixing Matrix". IEEE Transactions on Communications, to appear.

Working Papers

  • Peters G.W.,Tatsuya. K., Matsui T., Nevat I. and Takeda K. "Modelling Early and Late Reverberation via Composite Spatial-Temporal Gaussian Processes"
  • Peters G.W., Gerlach R. " Cointegrated Vector Autoregression models with Non-Linear Dynamic Dependence Structures: analysis of futures data pre and post global financial crisis"
  • Peters G.W., Hosack G.R, Danbacher J.M. and Hayes K.R. "Multi-species generalized Cox processes incorporating non-linear dependence arising from environmental stochasticity for: overdispersed, zero-inflated, or incomplete population models."
  • Nevat I., Peters G.W., Matsui T. and I.B. Collings, "Models for Spatially Correlated Quantized Data over Wireless Sensor Networks."
  • Nevat I., Peters G.W., "Sensor Set Selection in Quantized Wireless Sensor Networks."
  • Nevat I., Peters G.W.,``Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks via Sequential Sensor Selection," to be submitted to IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.
  • Peters G.W., Veerhuis P., Shevchenko P. "Calibration and Filtering for Multi-factor Arbitrage Free Dynamic Nelson-Siegel Term Structure Models: Analysis of Unconventional Monetary Policy During the Global Financial Crisis in Australia "

Text Reviews

  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Stochastic Simulation for Bayesian Inference, Second Edition, Dani Gamerman and Hedibert F. Lopes, Chapman & Hall/CRC, Review for Statistics in Medicine - (2008)
  • Uncertain Judgements Eliciting Experts Probabilities , OHagan, A. et al., Wiley Statistics in Practice, Review for Journal Royal Statistics Society A, Review (pdf). (October 2007 - Vol. 170 Issue 4 Page 861-1198)

Notes from Presentations:

  • Central Limit Theorems for SMC algorithms - CUED Cambridge Seminar Series Part 1 (pdf)
  • Central Limit Theorems for SMC algorithms - CUED Cambridge Seminar Series Part 2 (pdf)

Non-Peer Reviewed and Industry White Papers

  • Statistical report for the ABC, Peters G. W., (2009)
  • Research Proposal Grinham Managed Funds: Dynamic CoIntegration models, Peters G. W., (2009)
  • What to expect from graduate school, Peters G. W., ISBA Bulletin, 16(2), (2009).
  • Research Proposal Grinham Managed Funds: VAR models and CoIntegration Analysis , Peters G. W., (2008)
  • Case Study - Quantifying Operational Risk, (part of larger report - Low Probability Large Consequence Events ACERA project no. 06/02) Franklin J., Sisson S., Teruads V. and Peters G., Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis (draft word), (2007)
  • Operational Risk Combining and Aggregation Methodology Devlopment - Commonwealth Bank of Australia Internal Report (2007)
  • Operational Risk Captital Allocation and Capital Sensitivity Methodology and Analysis - Commonwealth Bank of Australia Internal Report (2006)
  • Operational Risk Quantitative Risk Assessment Survey Design and Methodology Analysis - Commonwealth Bank of Australia Internal Report (2005/6)
  • Operational Risk OpRA System Sensitivity Analysis Report (Convolution, Distribution Choice, Number of Exposures) - Commonwealth Bank of Australia Internal Report (2006)
  • Operational Risk OpRA System Accuracy Testing - Commonwealth Bank of Australia Internal Report and Analysis (2006)