I am now on leave from UCL and at University of Bologna, Italy

My website in Bologna
Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati",
University of Bologna,
via delle Belle Arti, 41
40126 - Bologna - Italy
Tel: +39 0512098163
email-address: christian.hennig (at), or still c.hennig (at)

Previous places of work

University of Hamburg, Faculty of Mathematics, Center of Mathematical Stochastics (student 1986-1989, 1991-1993, assistant and PhD student/Doktorand 1993-1997, assistant, postdoc 1997-2001, 2003-2005)
ETH Zürich, Faculty of Mathematics, Seminar for Statistics (assistant, postdoc 2001-2003)
University of Dortmund, Faculty of Statistics (student 1989-1991)
Bochumer Arbeitsgruppe für Sozialen Konstruktivismus und Wirklichkeitsprüfung (not really a place of work, but I had the honor to contribute some papers and ideas to this wonderful website - German language only, sorry!)


Areas of interest: multivariate analysis (especially clustering and classification); robust statistics; model selection; simulation and bootstrap; explorative and graphical data analysis; philosophical background of statistics, probability and data analysis; didactics.
Current projects: PhD projects
I supervise PhD projects particularly in the areas of cluster analysis, classification, philosophy of statistics, robust statistical inference, and multivariate data analysis. I do not normally have personal funding available but there are a number of possibilities to get a PhD project funded (although most of them are very competitive). Please note that currently the demand for supervision is very high and I may only accept new students under exceptional circumstances.
Current PhD students Former PhD students Societies:

I'm Associate Editor of Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Statistics and Computing, Statistical Methods and Applications.


My add-on packages fpc (flexible procedures for clustering), prabclus (clustering presence-absence data), smoothmest (smoothing M-estimators for 1-d location) and trimkmeans (trimmed k-means) for the R-statistical software are available from R home/CRAN, as well as quantileDA for the quantile classifier by Cinzia Viroli, on which I collaborated.
Papers and publications.


2015/2016 term 2: STATG018/3005/M018 Factorial Experimentation. 2015/2016 term 2: STATG019/3019/M019 Selected Topics in Statistics (part I Cluster Analysis).