International Mathematica Symposium 2012


The 2012 International Mathematica Symposium was hosted by the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science at University College London in June 2012.  The IMS organizers are grateful to NVIDIA and HP for their sponsorship of IMS 2012.

About the International Mathematica Symposium

The International Mathematica Symposium is an interdisciplinary conference for and by users of Mathematica in the physical and life sciences, mathematics, engineering, graphics and design, arts and music, education, industry, finance, and commerce.

If you use Mathematica in research or teaching, or if you have developed or are developing products based on Mathematica, then IMS is an opportunity to share your results with like-minded colleagues. IMS has built up a deserved reputation as an exceptionally convivial and friendly gathering.

See the IMS web site for information about past meetings.

Nvidia and HP - primary sponsors of IMS 2012

NVIDIA awakened the world to the power of computer graphics when it invented the GPU in 1999. In the early 2000s, our invention of a programmable processor expanded NVIDIA's reach into professional graphics. We have since led the industry with breathtaking graphics on computers ranging from smartphones to engineering workstations. Our expertise in GPUs has led to breakthroughs in parallel processing, empowering scientists with access to ultra-efficient supercomputers. Scientists and researchers around the world are using Tesla GPUs to tackle the most complex challenges, from climate modeling to quantum physics to finding a cure for cancer. NVIDIA® CUDA® architecture enables GPUs to work not just with the pixels of an image, but with numerical data. NVIDIA Tesla processors harness CUDA to make supercomputing more efficient and more accessible. Three of the world's top five supercomputers are powered by Tesla GPUs.


Turing Session

June 2012 is the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing, and the Monday afternoon session in the Symposium was devoted to Turing’s life and work. We were delighted to have the following guest speakers:

Dr Andrew Hodges, author of Alan Turing: The Enigma.

Professor Sir Roger Penrose FRS

Sir John Dermot Turing

Dr Stephen Wolfram


University College London

June 11th-13th 2012

Alan Turing Centenary Session Monday 11th June

Free training session Sunday 10th June