Paris–London Geometry Days 2023

We are organising a series of two meetings between geometry groups in London and Paris. We have scheduled two meetings, one in London with a focus on Riemannian geometry and geometric analysis, and one in Paris with a focus on Kähler geometry.

The meetings are modelled on Géométrie: échanges et perspectives. Each meeting will consist of three talks. The morning talk will be a 1.5-hour presentation including an introduction to the specific research topic. The two afternoon talks will be more classical 1-hour research talks.

The meetings are organised by Hugues Auvray, Alix Deruelle, Eleonora Di Nezza, Lorenzo Foscolo and Ilaria Mondello. We acknowledge financial support from the ANR SiGMA and the UCL Cities partnerships programme.

Participation is open to all, but we request that you register your attendance following the details below. Lunch will be offered to all registered participants. We have limited funding to support participation of early career researchers (PhD students and postdocs): contact L. Foscolo to apply.

London meeting: Riemannian geometry

When: 28 April 2023

Where: Mathematics Department, University College London

Speakers: Eva Kopfer (Bonn), Felix Schulze (Warwick), Gabriella Tarantello (Tor Vergata)

Registration: by email before 12 April 2023

Provisional schedule:
10am - coffee break
10.30 - Felix Schulze - Generic regularity for minimizing hypersurfaces in dimensions 9 and 10
12.00 - lunch
13.30 - Eva Kopfer
14.30 - coffee break
15.30 - Gabriella Tarantello

Paris meeting: Kähler geometry

When: 30 May 2023, talks scheduled at 11.00, 14.00 and 15.30

Where: Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu–Paris Rive Gauche

Speakers: Ruadhaí Dervan (Glasgow), Hans-Joachim Hein (Münster), Enrica Mazzon (Regensburg)

Registration: by email before 15 May 2023