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James Cann


Final year PhD student at the London School of Geometry & Number Theory, a collaboration between Imperial, King's and University College London.

My research is focused on studying geometric properties of the nodal sets of random waves. It touches on number theory, stochastic processes, mathematical physics, topology and more. I'm particularly interested in the nodal patterns formed by the ensemble of Boundary-adapted arithmetic random waves (which can be thought of as the subsets of a square membrane with fixed boundary that are forced to be stationary by the membrane's normal vibrational modes). The project is supervised by Dr Igor Wigman, of King's College London.

Images from my research were exhibited as part of the UCL Research Images as Art Exhibition, and found their way onto the cover of Chalkdust magazine. In the past year I've also had the pleasure of representing UCL at the Global Young Scientists Summit 2018 in Singapore, and have presented my work to MPs in the Houses of Parliament as part of STEM for Britian.