LSGNT Number Theory Topics Course

The plan for 2015–2016 is as follows: 10am-12am Weds

Term 1

At Imperial, in the CDT space.

Date Room Lecturer Topic
7/10 2 Fred Diamond Galois representations
14/10 2 Kevin Buzzard Automorphic representations
21/10 2 Toby Gee Some directions in the Langlands programme
28/10 3 Nick Shepherd-Barron Abelian varieties
4/11 2 Sarah Zerbes p-adic Hodge theory and Iwasawa theory
11/11 3 Colin Bushnell Local Langlands correspondence
18/11 3 Igor Wigman Van der Corput's theorem
25/11 2 James Newton Automorphic forms and symmetric spaces
2/12 2 Andrew Granville Erdos discrepancy problem
9/12 2 David Burns Tamagawa numbers in arithmetic
16/12 2 Payman Kassaei Rigid geometry

Term 2

At UCL, D3 Floor 1, Physics Building)

Date Lecturer Topic
20/1 Yiannis Petridis Maass cusp forms and lattice counting
3/2 Richard Hill Metaplectic groups, non-integral weight forms and non-congruence subgroups
17/2 Alexei Skorobogatov Rational points on algebraic varieties
2/3 Andrei Yafaev Some interactions of Model theory and Number theory
16/3 Ambrus Pal Galois representations and crystals