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I am particularly interested in the interface between symplectic topology and algebraic geometry. I am supported by EPSRC Grant EP/P02095X/1.


Current members

  • Momchil Konstantinov (LSGNT PhD student, started 2014)
  • Emily Maw (LSGNT PhD student, started 2015)
  • Jack Smith (EPSRC postdoctoral researcher, started 2017)
  • — Angela Wu (LSGNT PhD student, jointly supervised with Steven Sivek, started 2017)

Past members


Me on arXiv and MathSciNet.

Selected talks (notes/videos)

  • Lagrangian cell complexes and Markov numbers
    • Institute for Advanced Study (September 2016): video.
  • Exotic spheres and the topology of symplectomorphism groups
    • Simons Center for Geometry and Physics (August 2014): video and slides.
  • Lectures on symplectic and algebraic geometry
  • The quantum cohomology of twistor spaces
    • CAST Workshop, Madrid (February 2012), slides.
  • Lagrangian spheres in Del Pezzo surfaces
  • Symplectic Picard-Lefschetz theory (expository, mostly pictures!)
    • Slides from a colloquium I gave in Neuchâtel (April 2012).
  • Luttinger surgery (expository)
  • — Slides/notes from successful job/postdoc talks (UCL and ETH).

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