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Room 802a, Department of Mathematics,
UCL, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
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My name is Jonny Evans. I'm a senior lecturer in mathematics at University College London (UCL), part of the UCL Geometry and Topology Group.

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In 2014, I produced a visual guide to the UCL undergraduate mathematics course and here is the source code I used.


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I am interested in symplectic topology and Floer theory, particularly in questions about Lagrangian submanifolds.

Me on arXiv and MathSciNet.

My collaborators: Jarek Kędra, Yankı Lekili, Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell and Ivan Smith.


  1. – J. D. Evans and I. Smith, Markov numbers and Lagrangian cell complexes in the complex projective plane.
         preprint 2016. (arXiv:1606.08656)
  2. – J. D. Evans and Y. Lekili, Generating the Fukaya categories of Hamiltonian G-manifolds.
         preprint 2015. (arXiv:1507.05842)
  3. – J. D. Evans and J. Kędra, Pseudoholomorphic tori in the Kodaira-Thurston manifold.
         Compositio Mathematica (2015) 151(12) 2212-2250. (arXiv:1205.1239)
  4. – G. Dimitroglou Rizell and J. D. Evans, Exotic spheres and the topology of symplectomorphism groups.
         Journal of Topology (2015) 8(2):586-602. (arXiv:1407.3173)
  5. – J. D. Evans and Y. Lekili, Floer cohomology of the Chiang Lagrangian.
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  6. – J. D. Evans and J. Kędra, Remarks on monotone Lagrangians in Cn.
         Mathematical Research Letters (2014) 6:1241-1255. (arXiv:1110.0927)
  7. – G. Dimitroglou Rizell and J. D. Evans, Unlinking and unknottedness of Lagrangian submanifolds.
         Geometry & Topology, (2014) 18:997-1034. (arXiv:1211.6633)
  8. – J. D. Evans, Quantum cohomology of twistor spaces and their Lagrangian submanifolds.
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  9. – J. D. Evans, The infimum of the Nijenhuis energy.
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  11. – J. D. Evans, Lagrangian spheres in Del Pezzo surfaces.
         Journal of Topology (2010) 3(1):181-227. (arXiv:0902.0540)

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