Antonio Cauchi


Mathematics Department
University College London

Gower Street

My e-mail address is

I am currently a fourth year PhD student at the London School of Geometry and Number Theory, and I work under the supervision of Prof. Sarah Zerbes. If you are interested in my CV, click here.


I am fascinated by problems in number theory and arithmetic geometry. My primary interests are Euler systems and p-adic aspects of the theory of automorphic representations. I have recently been working on the construction of new Euler systems.


  • Norm-compatible systems of Galois cohomology classes for GSp(6) (joint with Joaquin Rodrígues Jacinto),preprint,2018.
  • Norm-compatible systems of cohomology classes for GU(2,2), preprint, 2017.
  • Others

    I am one of the founders of the London Junior Number Theory seminar. If you would like to know what's happening, check our website (maintained by Damián Gvirtz) or subscribe to our mailing list.
    Outside of mathematics, I love dancing (Hip Hop or Bachata) and travelling around the world. I also enjoy reading about philosophy and art, and I am a football fan.