I Tobias Ritschel, University College London
Ritschel, Tobias

Tobias Ritschel, Dr.-Ing.

Senior Lecturer, University College London


Research Interests

Interactive Global Illumination
How can graphics hardware (GPUs) be used to reproduce advanced visual phenomena such as soft shadows, indirect shadows, soft reflections, caustics or volumetric light in a perceptually plausible way?
Perceptual Graphics
How are colors, shapes, or spatial layout perceived by a human observer? How can this understanding be used to predict and consequently improve the way a humans and machines interact?
Non-physical Graphics
While physical laws define how to do render shadows or reflections "right", how to properly project a 3D scene onto a 2D image or how to deform a shape in a physical way, they sometimes are to restrictive. How can we go beyond physical laws in an appropriate way, such that a machine offers new expressive posibilities to an artist?
Data-driven Graphics
Given the vast amount of information in user-generated content online, how can classic computer graphics techniques such as rendering or shape modelling benefit from them and for which new application will they allow?


1st/2nd Term 2017 Project Ritschel Individual Project (COMPGV99)
1st Term 2016 Lecture Ritschel/Steed Computer Graphics (COMP3080/GV10)
1st Term 2015 Lecture Steed/Ritschel Computer Graphics (COMP3080/GV10)
SS 2015 Lecture Ritschel Interactive Graphics using OpenGL
Lecture Slusallek/Myszkowski Realistic Image Synthesis, (13th and 16th of July)
WS 2014 Lecture Myszkowski/Ritschel/Didyk Perception for Computer Graphics
Praktikum Ritschel 3D-Rekonstruktion "Alte Schmelz", St. Ingbert
SS 2014 Seminar Ritschel Interactive Global Illumination
WS 2013 Seminar Ritschel Creative Computing
Lecture Vangorp/Myszkowski/Ritschel Perception for Computer Graphics
Praktikum Ritschel 3D-Rekonstruktion "Alte Schmelz", St. Ingbert ("aktueller bericht", SR Fernsehen, 15.04.2014.)
WS 2012 Seminar Ritschel/Reinhard/Myszkowski Applied Perception
Seminar Ihrke/Ritschel/Fritz Parallel Visual Computing
SS 2012 Seminar Thormählen/Ritschel Visual Computing Techniques for Efficient Content Production (Saarland University)
Lecture Slusallek/Myszkowski Realistic Image Synthesis, (11th and 16th of July)

Current students

Carlo InnamoratiPhD student (UCL)
Thomas LeimkühlerPhD student (Saarland U)
Oliver NalbachPhD student (Saarland U)


Reflectance and Natural Illumination from Single-Material Specular Objects Using Deep Learning
Georgoulis S, Rematas, Ritschel T, Gavves E, Fritz M, Van Gool L, Tuytelaars T
IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

Practical Capture and Reproduction of Phosphorescent Appearance

Texture Stationarization: Turning Photos into Tileable Textures

Perceptual real-time 2D-to-3D Conversion using Cue Fusion
IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics

Deep Shading: Convolutional Neural Networks for Screen-Space Shading
Nalbach O, Arabadzhiyska E, Mehta D, Seidel HP, Ritschel T
Computer Graphics Forum 36(4) (Proc. EGSR)

Minimal Warping: Planning Incremental Novel-view Synthesis
Leimkühler T, Seidel HP, Ritschel T
Computer Graphics Forum 36(4) (Proc. EGSR)

Decomposing Single Images for Layered Photo Retouching
Computer Graphics Forum 36(4) (Proc. EGSR)


Motion Parallax in Stereo 3D: Model and Applications

Scalable Inside-Out Image-Based Rendering

Novel Views of Objects from a Single Image

Deep Reflectance maps
Proc. CVPR
WARNING: Missing volume

Proxy-guided Image-based Rendering for Mobile Devices

Deep Shading: Convolutional Neural Networks for Screen-Space Shading
WARNING: Missing both issue and number

Transformation-aware perceptual image metric
WARNING: No decoration for kellnhofer2016transformationawaremetric

Animated 3D Creatures from Single-view video by Skeletal Sketching

Perceptual real-time 2D-to-3D conversion using cue fusion

Real-time Novel-view Synthesis for Volume Rendering Using a Piecewise-analytic Representation

Natural Illumination from Multiple Materials Using Deep Learning
WARNING: Missing both issue and number
WARNING: No decoration for georgoulis2016naturallearning

DeLight-Net: Decomposing Reflectance Maps into Specular Materials and Natural Illumination
WARNING: Missing both issue and number

Using Simulated Visual Illusions and Perceptual Anomalies to Convey Dynamic Range


Vision, Modeling & Visualization, VMV 2015, Aachen, Germany, October 7-10, 2015

Eurographics 2015 - Short Papers, Zurich, Switzerland, May 4-8, 2015

Modeling Luminance Perception at Absolute Threshold

Projective Blue-Noise Sampling
WARNING: No decoration for reinert2015projectivesampling

3D Object Class Detection in the Wild
WARNING: Missing both issue and number

Deep Reflectance Maps
WARNING: Missing volume

Data-Driven Color Manifolds

Guiding Image Manipulations using Shape-appearance Subspaces from Co-alignment of Image Collections

Purkinje Images: Conveying Different Content for Different Luminance Adaptations in a Single Image

What makes 2D-to-3D stereo conversion perceptually plausible?

The Bounced Z-buffer for Indirect Visibility

What Is Holding Back Convnets for Detection?

A transformation-aware perceptual image metric
WARNING: No decoration for kellnhofer2015ametric


On-line learning of parametric mixture models for light transport simulation

Manipulating refractive and reflective binocular disparity

Spectral Ray Differentials

Stereo Day-for-Night

Principal-Ordinates Propagation for real-time rendering of participating media

Image-Based Synthesis and Re-synthesis of Viewpoints Guided by 3D Models

Interactive light scattering with principal-ordinate propagation

Deep screen space

Progressive Spectral Ray Differentials

Interactive Appearance Editing in RGB-D Images

Real-time Reflective and Refractive Novel-view Synthesis

Deep Screen Space for Indirect Lighting of Volumes


Interactive by-example design of artistic packing layouts

Material Editing in Complex Scenes by Surface Light Field Manipulation and Reflectance Optimization

Optimizing Disparity for Motion in Depth

Real-Time Screen-Space Scattering in Homogeneous Environments

Generating Realistic Camera Shake for Virtual Scenes
J Virtual Reality and Broadcast
WARNING: Missing both issue and number


Highlight microdisparity for improved gloss depiction

Material memex

A luminance-contrast-aware disparity model and applications

3D Material Style Transfer

Exploring Shape Variations by 3D-Model Decomposition and Part-based Recombination

A Computational Model of Afterimages

Pre-convolved Radiance Caching

Homunculus Warping: Conveying importance using self-intersection-free non-homogeneous mesh deformation

The State of the Art in Interactive Global Illumination

Interactive cloud rendering using temporally coherent photon mapping

Mapping Images to Target Devices: Spatial, Temporal, Stereo, Tone, and Color

Virtual passepartouts


A perceptual model for disparity

Edge-Aware Color Appearance

Computer-Suggested Facial Makeup

ManyLoDs: Parallel Many-View Level-of-Detail Selection for Real-Time Global Illumination

Making Imperfect Shadow Maps View-Adaptive: High-Quality Global Illumination in Large Dynamic Scenes

Bent Normals and Cones in Screen-space

Separable Approximation of Ambient Occlusion

Apparent resolution enhancement for animations


Apparent display resolution enhancement for moving images

Interactive on-surface signal deformation

Perceptually-motivated Real-time Temporal Upsampling of 3D Content for High-refresh-rate Displays

Adaptive Image-space Stereo View Synthesis


Micro-Rendering for Scalable, Parallel Final Gathering

Interactive reflection editing

Temporal Glare: Real-Time Dynamic Simulation of the Scattering in the Human Eye

Perceptual Influence of Approximate Visibility in Indirect Illumination

Approximating dynamic global illumination in image space

Real-time indirect illumination with clustered visibility

A perceptual evaluation of 3D unsharp masking


3D unsharp masking for scene coherent enhancement

Imperfect Shadow Maps for Efficient Computation of Indirect Illumination

Interactive Global Illumination Based on Coherent Surface Shadow Maps


Fast GPU-based Visibility Computation for Natural Illumination of Volume Data Sets

Interactive Illumination with Coherent Shadow Maps


Multiresolution GPU Mesh Painting

Recent Positions


Previous Group Members

Daniel ScherzerPost doc (Now Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten)
Chuong NguyenPhD student (Advanced Perceptual Design and Depiction of Materials | Now Apple Inc.)
Oskar ElekPhD student (Efficient Physically-based Rendering | Now Charles U Prague)
Bernhard ReinertPhD student (Interactive, Example-driven Synthesis and Manipulation of Visual Media | Now Google)
Konstantinos RematasVisiting PhD student
Pablo Bauszat,Visiting PhD student
Jiri VorbaVisiting PhD student
Ondrej Karlik,Visiting PhD student
Łukasz DąbałaVisiting Phd student
Sukumar SrikanthMaster Student
Andreas ZinsBachelor student
Adam LaskowksiIntern
Jozef HladkyIntern
Fabian RoschyHiWi
Marc HabermannHiWi, Bachelor student
Tobias BertelHiWi, Master student
Elena ArabadzhiyskaHiWi, Master student
Dushyant MehtaHiWi
Adam HankaMaster student
Fanyu YeHiWi
Benjamin SommerHiWi