Nadish de Silva

I am a mathematical physicist working in the Department of Computer Science, UCL where I am the Researcher Co-Investigator of the EPSRC-funded project Contextuality as a resource in quantum computation: a collaboration between UCL and the University of Oxford headed by Simone Severini and Samson Abramsky FRS.

Broadly, my research interests include quantum information & computation; nonlocality & contextuality; and operator algebras & noncommutative geometry. I am keenly interested in helping to elucidate the structural origins of computational and communicational advantages in both concrete quantum models and abstract postclassical models. This question sits at the foundations of logic, computer science, and physics, has both theoretical and practical implications, and involves many disparate and interesting areas of maths including algorithms & complexity theory, combinatorics, number theory, category theory, and the theory of programming.

Le Blanc Seing (1965) par René MagritteI recently spent a semester as a Visiting Scientist at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at the University of California, Berkeley. Previously, I completed my DPhil in Computer Science in the Quantum Group (Logic, Foundations, and Structures), supervised by Samson Abramsky FRS and Bob Coecke, as a Clarendon Scholar at Merton College, University of Oxford. I completed my MSc in Mathematics and my BSc in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Toronto where my supervisor was George Elliott FRSC. In Toronto, I was a Visiting Member of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, supported by NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards.

Le Blanc Seing (1965) par René Magritte


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