Mark Lake's software repository

I am a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the UCL Institute of Archaeology. You can find out more about my research and teaching on my official UCL webpage. This is a repository of software I have written.

Extensions for GRASS GIS

I have made extensive use of GRASS GIS in my research since 1995, and have taught many students to use GRASS, primarily through the UCL MSc GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology and its successor, the UCL MSc Computational Archaeology: GIS, Data Science and Complexity. In that time I have written a number of modules for GRASS. This page lists current modules and those of enduring interest.

Current modules for GRASS 7.x

The following are new modules, first publicly released on 10/12/2020, which can be downloaded from here and compiled locally as per these instructions. I am also in the process of making them available as GRASS Addons, at which point it should be possible to install them more easily using the GRASS extension manager.

The following is part of the main GRASS 7 release.

Legacy code compatible with GRASS release 7

The following compiles cleanly as part of of GRASS release 7, but I have not exhaustively tested its run-time functionality. Nor have I checked that the code conforms to current GRASS programming guidelines.

Legacy code not compatible with GRASS release 7

The following is a list of modules which do not currently compile as part of GRASS release 7 and/or have been deprecated for other reasons. The code is provided for users with legacy installations, or as a starting point for update to GRASS 7/8.