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Professor Jonathan Knowles

BSc(hons), PhD, FIMMM, CEng, FRSC, CSci

Professor of Biomaterials Science and Head of the Division of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering,

UCL Eastman Dental Institute






New paper out in collaboratino with the Darr Group in Chemistry on Ti-Zn-O photocatalysts. Click here to view

EPSRC funded project with Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Cancer Research and Oxford University to develop ultrasound activated nanoparticles. Details here

New review paper out on Tissue Engineering in Dentistry: Click here to view

New paper out in collaboration with the University of Westminster. Click here to view

Three papers to be published in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews.




Presentation at the Asian Biomaterials Congress, Busan, September 2011.

Jonathan Knowles wins UKSB Biocompatibles Endowed Prize.

We now have a comprehensive brochure detailing all of the major facilities available within the division. Click here to download

Jonathan Knowles appointed as visiting professor to Dankook University

As part of a long term collaboration Jonathan Knowles has recently been appointed as a visiting Professor to Dankook University as part of a drive to develop collaborations. He will be involved with the supervision of a number of students and direct their research projects.

New open access journal launched.

Following on from the continued success of the Journal of Biomaterials Applications, Sage launch a new journal, the Journal of Tissue Engineering, an open access format journal published by Sage, both edited by Jonathan Knowles.

You can follow the Journal of Tissue Engineering Twitter feed here:

Two papers published in Advanced Functional Materials.

One on the antimicrobial effect of gallium and their controlled delivery (click here for a link to the paper) and one on the structural characterisation of silver doped glasses (click here for a link to the paper). Both of these papers are part of the ongoing collaboration between UCL and the universities of Kent and Warwick.

First paper published using the new Lynx Eye detector to investigate phase transitions in sol-gel glasses

A collaborative paper between the Universities of Kent, Warwick and UCL has published data on the synthesis of a ternary phosphate based sol-gel and utilised amongst other techniques, combined TGA-DTA and also high temperature X-ray diffraction to investigate the crystallisation and subsequent melting events in this glass.

Click here to go to the paper.

EPSRC Grant funding for pilot project on composites

A collaborative project with the University of Nottingham has been funded to investigate the feasibility of the production of phosphate based glass fibre composites.

Further details are available here

New data published in Advanced Materials

The degradation and reprecipitation of phosphate based glass fibres has recently been inverstigated in detail and also showed data on an unusual phenomena, whereby the fibres dissolve and reprecipitate to form tubes.

Click here to go to the paper.

EPSRC funding obtained for a new fast detector for real time phase change measurements.

A new Lynx Eye detector has been purchased for upgrading the Brüker D8 Advance diffractometer which utilises silicon strip technology to increase the data collection rate by a factor of 200. This will allow studies with such materials as calcium phosphate cements to characterise the setting reactions and also, when coupled with the Anton Paar high temperature stage will be able to look at melting and phase change phenomena in a variety of materials being studied, such as sol-gel apatites and phosphate based glasses.

Recent work published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials

Work carried out on the development of sol-gel derived nano-fibres for hard and soft tissue surgery published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials

Click here to go to the paper


Jonathan Knowles obtained his degree and then PhD in 1987 and 1991 respectively. Following his PhD he worked at Aichi Medical University, Japan, for six months as a Royal Academy of Engineering Overseas Visiting Research Fellow. Following this he worked at Queen Mary and Westfield College at the UK national centre for biomaterials research. In 1995 he was appointed to a lectureship in biomaterials and then was made senior lecturer in 1997and then Reader in 1999. 

Current Appointment

In 2003 he was made a Professor of Biomaterials and continues as Head of the Division of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.

Research Interests

His principal research interests focus around the development of degradable materials for hard and soft tissue surgery. These include degradable glasses in bulk and fibre form and recent work is also centring around the synthesis of new degradable polymers.

Research Group

I have a number of PDRA's and PhD's working on a variety of projects. Details of some of the projects are below:

BBSRC and GSK funded studentship working on the de and remineralisation of dentine and enamel.

A PhD studentship working on development of sol-gel derived apatite coatings

Studentship working on the development of Co releasing glasses



He has published over 200 refereed papers and numerous conference presentations.

Click HERE to go to a complete list of papers


Editorial Activities

Editor in Chief of the Journal of Biomaterials Applications

Editor in Chief of the Journal of Tissue Engineering

Editorial board member for Advances in Fluorine Science Series

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Dentistry

Current National and International Assignments

Member of the EPSRC Peer Review College 2000-2006

Past Chairman of the London Materials Society, Institute of Materials


He was awarded the IADR Young Investigator award in 2001


A list of facilities is available here. Click Here


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