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I am a PhD candidate working jointly at the Centre for Medical Image Computing, Imaging and Biophysics Unit and Dementia Research Centre at UCL. I am supervised by Jonathan Clayden and Sebastien Ourselin. My research focuses on using diffusion MRI tractography to examine cortical connectivity across the entire brain. Diffusion MRI tractography may be used to trace the white matter fiber paths non-invasively between different brain regions. The technique can be used to characterise the macroscopic brain connectivity pattern i.e. the connectivity between all cortical regions. This structural connectivity network provides the physical infrastructure that supports functional brain connectivity and therefore complex brain function. Performing graph analysis on the connectivity patterns allows the investigation of the topological organisation of the structural brain network. A major challenge in the field is determining the most appropriate way of reconstructing these networks. The aim of my doctoral research is to develop new tools for reconstructing diffusion connectivity networks that are both robust and anatomically relevant, in order to obtain biomarkers relating to neurological or neuropsychological phenotypes.


C.S. Parker, C.A. Clark and J.D. Clayden (2011). Reproducibility of whole-brain structural connectivity networks. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the ISMRM British Chapter, Manchester, UK abstract

C.S. Parker, J.D. Clayden and S. Ourselin (2012). Effect of reconstruction pipeline on reproducibility of whole-brain structural networks. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the ISMRM British Chapter, Cambridge, UK abstract

C.S. Parker, C.A. Clark, S. Ourselin and J.D. Clayden (2013). Agreement in Reproducibility of Whole-brain Structural Connectivity Networks with Alternative Pipelines. Proceedings of the 22nd ISMRM British Chapter Symposium, UCL, UK abstract

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